6 Natural DIY Bathroom Cleaner recipes

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5. DIY cleaner for acrylic bathtube

Very often, the question of how to clean a bathtub without harming the enamel is related precisely to the acrylic surface. In the fight against pollution on acrylic, the use of abrasive substances and soda is strictly prohibited. A popular option is to use lemon juice (citric acid).

During rinsing, it is better to turn on warm water, and not hot water – high temperature negatively affects the condition of acrylic bathtube.

Apply table vinegar or lemon juice to areas with rust and salt deposits for 20-25 minutes. Then rub them well with a soft brush or try to remove the marks with a rubber or scraper. If the stains are not too old, then this method will help you.

If the dirt on the surface is old, then you will have to carry out the following procedure: fill the bathtub with warm water, add one and a half liters of vinegar or pour a couple of bags of citric acid. Mix the water well. If you used citric acid, then do it especially carefully – undissolved particles can damage the surface during further cleaning.

Leave the water in the bathroom for a few hours or overnight. After the water is drained, wipe the surface well with a sponge or brush, paying attention to the places where there were dirty spots, and then rinse with clean water and wipe.

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