Self Care Weekly Plan – Week 2

This week we go popcorn style with the self care ideas.

Here is the deal: we are so overwhelmed by taking care of our families, jobs, physical look, social media, news and what not, that all of that more often than not brings us in a state of anxiety.
So, here are my top picks of the week on the topic of toning down anxious moods with self care excersises.

Self Care Podcast

100% Guilt-Free Self-Care – Tami Hackbarth discusses different self care practices with a very unique angle: how not to feel guilty when you take care of yourself. What I liked: she admits that today topic of self care can sometimes be the source of anxiety itself. There is so much pressure on us even in this area, which is supposed to be a safe area, but it is not, because society is shaming people who put themselves on the 1st place.
I was hooked on the Summer Quickie series about Burnout (there are 10 shore episodes about the burnout topic).
Link to the podcast 

Self Care Youtube Video

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Do you need to have certain set of habits to live an organized, successful life? Probably, best, if you do have some productive habits. But it is not a must. We live in the era of side-hustle culture, productivity videos about how top plan your next 10 years and become a millionaire in your 20-s. Nice. But habits are not for everyone. Elizabeth Filips in her “You’re Not Lazy: How to Live a Chaotically Organised Life” video talks about how she (and you can too) become successful in what you love – even if you have chaotic and indecisive mind, no passion for planners, to-do lists and atomic habits.
What I liked: I was relieved, because I am so bad at building good habits.
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Self Care Blog Article

I would take this chance to remind about one greate article I wrote for my website Oils We Love: “10 Natural Supplements for Anxiety and Panic Attacks”. It has a list of natural supplements to ease symptoms of anxiety and stress with scientific proof why and how they work. For example, I never knew Rhodiola Rosea which I sometimes take to ease my PMS symptoms, also helps to slow down and relieve anxiety.

Link to the article

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