Top 11 French Pharmacy Body Oils to Buy Online

Today we will talk about my secret obsession – French pharmacy body oils. Ever since Lisa Eldridge posted a YouTube video about her favorite French pharmacy products, a Parisian drug store on Rue du Four has become a holy grail for skincare maniacs from all over the world.

French pharmacy body oils

Every time I pack my suitcase to Paris, which is a “Yay!” in itself, I am firstly making room for the new finds and the usuals. And secondly, I search for the most recent “ultimate lists of French pharmacy products” online.

I already know the best sellers, some of them I like, others not so much, but I always hope to discover something new, which has become sort of a treasure hunt for me. Since I find most of these lists quite repetitive, I decided to create my own one entirely dedicated to French pharmacy body oils and where to buy them online.

Of course, nothing will beat going to the Parisian pharmacy in person, strolling in the endless rows with all those amazing skin and hair care products, and leaving with a full bag of new finds and the usual stock-ups, risking a luggage overweight fine. But let’s face it, we don’t get to travel to Paris as often as we feel the urge to try something new that French pharmacy has to offer, do we?

French pharmacy in Paris

Throughout the nearly 5 years since I fell in love with French pharmacy, I have tried countless hair products, numerous creams and lotions, and a handful of oils. Today we will touch upon the French pharmacy body oils, meant for toning, skin smoothing or fighting cellulite.

Some of the products I included in the list below have been best sellers for years, so probably known to you. However, I also tried to find the less famous, but definitely not less effective, organic oils. As I said, I love discovering new products that often turn out to become “hidden jams” of French pharmacy shelves.

Indulgence French pharmacy body oils


1. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

Of course, we will start with the staple of all “French pharmacy must have lists” – Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. It has already become a legend and symbol of the French lifestyle and skincare.

Nuxe Prodigieuse

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