40 Natural Eczema Treatments & Remedies

Natural cosmetic treatments for eczema

9. Emollients

Creams, lotions, ointments or gels, all classified as emollients, are the first and easiest remedies for eczema. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and nourished in order to prevent dry patching, which is very common for eczema. When the skin is drying out, it makes it easier for various infections and allergens to get through and make it worse. Ensure to apply a hypoallergenic cream or lotion after showering and anytime during the day when you start noticing dryness. Creams with Vitamin E are especially beneficial for the skin prone to over-drying.

10. Adding essential oils to the moisturizer

It is advised to avoid synthetic fragrances in your creams and rather go for adding a few drops of essential oils, which are known to be effective for healing eczema: lavender, neroli, helichrysum, and yarrow.

For instance, helichrysum essential oil has not only restorative properties helping to heal eczema, but it also is used as a rejuvenating component in anti-aging routines.

11. Aloe vera gel

It is also important to reduce swelling and soothe your skin, eliminating the itchiness. Aloe vera gel is a wonderful, natural product, that also cools down the rash and reduces redness.

12. Aloe vera leaves

An alternative to aloe vera gel could be a common aloe vera home plant! The benefits are obvious – it is always fresh, 100% natural and is pretty on the window sill.

13. Cooled floral water sprays

There are many natural floral water sprays containing extract of plants like helichrysum or chamomile. What would make them even more effective against the inflammation, is keeping them in the fridge and apply at a cool temperature.

14. Ice

Another way to cool down the rash and reduce itching, but without any extra resources, is simply applying an ice cube to the affected skin areas.

Supplements to treat eczema

15. Vitamin supplements

We have already mentioned that Vitamin E is essential for skin health. As well as a group of various B Vitamins, which are often prescribed as a part of skin improvement therapy.

16. Mineral supplements

Zinc and selenium, among other essential minerals, are crucial for skin health. Zinc is important for immune function and has healing properties, while selenium is a famous anti-oxidant and protector against infection.


17. Other supplements

Other important supplements are gamma-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acid (or simply “fish oil”), which can help to heal eczema and are also good for strengthening the cardiovascular system. Also, Evening Primrose Oil is a proven supplement to combat eczema. Check out our top picks for this truly amazing oil supplement.

18. Probiotics

Probiotics are meant to strengthen the immune system. There are plenty of foods containing probiotics, which means that you don’t necessarily need to take any artificial supplements. Natural yogurts, kefir or kombucha are rich in probiotics and bring various health benefits, among which is fighting eczema. However, dairy-based products are of course not a good option for lactose-intolerant people.

Lifestyle changes that promote eczema treatment

19. Fresh air

Regularly create a fresh air current at home in order to prevent infections and fungus accumulation. In winter times, in regions with central heating, this is especially important for keeping the air from becoming overly dry.

20. Proper air humidity

Air can become drier in certain times of the year, which can worsen the skin condition. A possible solution to keeping the air humidity at home stable can be a humidifier.

21. Sunlight

Sunlight has been reported by many people to be easing the eczema symptoms. But of course, less is more, so be extra careful with the sun and always apply an appropriate SPF cream. Interestingly, the Dead Sea resorts can be extra beneficial due to its below sea level location. This means that sun rays have to travel long before reaching the surface, which makes them less harmful to the skin.

22. Relaxation

We all know how stress can become a cause of various diseases, sometimes very serious. Eczema is one of them. Allow yourself to unwind – schedule sessions when you can meditate or just relax in a quiet environment.

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